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Pixel Core Integration Platform is designed to solve problems that arise in development of many enterprise-level applications. The Platform is based on open technologies and allows for the final product to be market ready in short time. Framework helps to relatively easy build enterprise-level applications.

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With rise in the cloud, mobile, and IoT technologies, operating environments in every organization are getting complex. At Pixel Nation, we understand how important it is for organizations to match the existing infrastructure with rapidly innovating technologies to stay in the competition. Pixel Core Integration Framework and complimentary products are a world-class, enterprise-level solutions that helps organizations to leverage current technologies and stay innovative.

Pixel Nation is a one-stop solution provider for enterprise IT needs. Headquartered in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Pixel Nation Inc. has been providing consulting services for almost two decades. Backed by this rich experience and supported by an expert staff, Pixel Nation Inc. takes pride in offering its world-class platforms.

Solutions built on top of “Core® Framework” dramatically shorten time-to-market by utilizing off-the-shelf components, such as authentication and authorization, access control, user and client management, and many more. Pixel Nation Inc. is a vendor-independent software development company.  We ensure our clients have complete access to the latest technologies the market has to offer through our unique expertise in the development of custom IT solutions.

The IT world is moving from a product-driven approach towards a service-oriented market. Pixel Nation stands at the forefront of this transformation.

Pixel Nation Inc. is a leading software company that offers enterprise-level IT consulting and technology solutions to businesses around the globe. The company was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Redmond Hill, Ontario.

Backed by many years of software and electronics engineering experience in building a wide range of enterprise applications and augmented by the expert staff, Pixel Nation offers customized IT solutions, application development, project management, and IT resourcing services to businesses of all sizes. Pixel Core Integration Framework is an award-winning enterprise-level application development and integration framework offered by Pixel Nation. This world-class framework solution has already empowered the IT platforms of several large companies, including Adara Technologies, Givex, Loblaw, Credorax and many more.

With clean and modern design, Pixel Core Framework user interfaces are highly intuitive and easy to navigate and use while offering more functional ease. Whether you are a novice user or a senior developer, Pixel Core Framework design enables you quickly to navigate through various administrative interfaces to perform complex administrative tasks with ease while offering rich and consistent user experience across all devices.

Pixel Core family of products comes with detailed documentation about the architecture, API and deployment environment. This ensures that developers can quickly learn and master the environment and become productive in short time.

A great deal of information could be found in our blog posts. Please check for our  channel on Google+ as well.

Unexpected downtimes can happen to most reliable applications. too. If you experience one, we are just a click away. Pixel Nation offers high-quality email support free of charge to ensure your mission-critical environments are always running at their peak performance. Our experienced staff is highly trained to resolve even the most complex issues arising with Pixel framework. Extended 24/7 phone support plan is also available.

Core Framework

Deploying and managing any enterprise application is a challenge. With Pixel Core Integration Framework, managing enterprise IT platforms is a cakewalk. Framework offers important tasks, such as client management, authentication, authorization, and robust access roles and permissions, out of box. When other developers are working on providing management requirements, Pixel framework users can concentrate on offering business-specific requirements to deliver more ROI.

Reporting Engine

Get clear insights into business procedures with our Pixel Core Reporting Engine. The tight integration with the Core Framework means you can retrieve data across all applications and generate intuitive reports with ease. The tool can receive requests via ESB or a web interface and deliver reports in a variety of document formats, including PDF, Word, HTML, Excel, and CSV.

Resource Management

Optimized resource and equipment management is the key to success of any business. The Core frameworks offers a centralized dashboard to monitor and manage the entire infrastructure from a single pane. Monitoring and event activated actions are built into the platform. Always be updated with how each resource is performing and proactively manage every resource from a central dashboard.

Smart Home

Home automation is now a click away. Integrate Pixel Core Resource Management Platform with smart devices and home hubs to control and monitor smart devices in real time. Receive notifications via e-mail, SMS, and direct push notifications on mobile devices, browsers, and desktops.


How do we do it


Framework is built on top of Java eco-system, thus enables products based on it to run on virtually any platform with JVM implementation (Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX, etc.)

Modern Web-based UI

For customers, user interface is the product. Pixel Nation knows it better than anyone. Pixel Core Framework utilizes latest web technologies to create robust user interfaces, real-time blotters for trading applications, and tables with dynamic data loading that can handle millions of records.

Administrative Interfaces

Enterprise applications comprise multiple modules and interfaces that demand complex configuration settings. Platform includes many such interfaces out of the box. With Pixel Core Framework, managing users, roles and permissions, schedules, and other administrative tasks is just a cakewalk.


Pixel Core Framework system is based on 3+-tier distributed architecture. While the Web UI is built with extensive use of JavaScript and HTML5 components, the middle tier is based on robust Java ecosystem and utilizes the latest design methodologies. The persistence layer is built using modern ORM technologies.


With Pixel Core Framework, support for building multi-lingual applications comes out of the box. The Framework enables UI localization as well as object localization, making it easy to dynamically switch interface to any language.

Reporting Engine

The Core Framework includes a standalone reporting engine that can operate as a central hub for generating pixel-perfect documents. Generated reports can be exported to a variety of document formats, including but not limited to PDF, Excel, CSV, Word, and HTML. Reports can be generated ad-hoc, or on a schedule and displayed on a web page, or delivered to e-mail, or transmitted to a remote location.


What people say about us

Pixel Nation has earned their way to become an indispensable and inseparable extension of our core Engineering and Development team. From a personal perspective, as well, Pixel Nation has truly become a valued and integral part of the Adara family.

Joseph D. NucaraAdara Technologies - President

As we started using the Core, within very short period of time we were able to build complex distributed transaction processing system that exceeded our initial requirements. The Pixel Core Platform is powerful, expandable and simple to use. We are using it extensively right now and will definitely be using it with our upcoming projects.

Andrei KorshakovSystem Technologies - Director General

Pixel developed key components of our processing and merchant systems. They always over-delivered on promise. We were extremely pleased to work with Pixel. They not only met all of our requirements but provided valuable recommendations and solutions as well.

Eugene VolkovCredorax Canada - Director of Software Development

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